The Lost Years

Since 2006, Uruguay has seen a significant increase in mortality caused by traffic accidents, reaching 572 deaths in 2011, a sharp decline in 2012 (510), and a further rise in 2013 (567).

Inspired by this visualization "Stolen years by gun deaths in the U.S." I made the following visualization showing the years lost in traffic accidents in Uruguay between 2012 and 2013. Data was obtained from "UNASEV open data" a goverment office that keeps track of every traffic accident in the country. The CSV file with all consolidated data can be downloaded here.

How do I measure the amount of lost years? It's the difference between life expectancy in Uruguay (77 years in average) and the age the person when she died. For example, if the person was 20 the lost year were 57.

Some additional considerations:

  • People older that 77 years was no taken into account
  • Some recodrs lack the person age, so they were deleted

The visualization was made with D3.

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